1st November 11
1st November 2011
17th November 11
17th November 2011

Incredibly New York Delhi was 1 of only 4 companies to be invited to a
Government event focusing on export and growth to help the UK out of this very
difficult climate.

It was an amazing day (not just because I was able to highlight our company
to David Cameron) but because it brought New York Delhi and it's ViPnuts to
the attention of many industry experts and professionals including the
bosses of all the major banks, Lord Green and Vince Cable.

Who knows maybe some of our suggestions will be taken on board to encourage
more British companies to stop restricting trade to the UK and take their
products further afield in return accelerating recovery and growth for the
British economy.

Interestingly for me I got to meet Evan Davis (chap from Dragon's den) who
very much fired questions at us when we were on stage to encourage us to
talk about our experience of exporting. The event was held at Waterloo IMAX cinema and was jam packed.

It was a fantastic day, exhilarating infact.

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