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7th June 2011

7th June 11

We are growing up!
2nd June 2011

2nd June 11

It's official – ViPnuts now to be found in ALL Mint hotels – such a priviledge to be working with such a lovely, trendy hotel chain.  […]
24th December 2010

24th Dec 10

18th December 2010

18th Dec 10

Our wonderful collaboration with Cobra Beer has been a success.  Tried to purchase a 'VIP Night in set' only to learn they have sold out in […]
11th December 2010

11th Dec 10

Just finished an amazing demo day at Fortnum & Mason, met some wonderful people who loved the product and the brand. Sold out of Bollywood Barbecue.
6th December 2010

6th Dec 10

Delivered our first order to the incredibly cool City Inn Tower of London Hotel.  Enjoy our chilli lemon ViPnuts in the mini bars.
3rd December 2010

3rd Dec 10

Very exciting day – BBC TV coming around to film for one of the news channels. 
19th November 2010

19th Nov 10

If ever you are in beautiful Cornwall, pop in to Padstow and find our ViPnuts in Rick Steins world famous restaurant/deli.
21st October 2010

17th – 21st October 10

Exhibiting at Paris Sial food show only to discover the ViPnuts are being discussed in the innovations theater as a brand and urban trend to watch.