A flavour for every palate...

From our origins with our Magic Spices we have always been about
quality, flavour and depth of taste.

New York Delhi began with our flagship Magic Masala spice blend which
contains an amazing 15 spices blended to the perfect consistency and is the key to make the World’s best curry
Most shop bought varieties will have at best 5 or 6 and will be
heavily ground to a fine powder. Our growing range of ViPnut flavours include our Classic Sea Salt,
Bollywood BBQ, Hot Toffee, Hot Chilli, Lemon Chilli and many more.

We are always working on inspired new lines. Our delicious
new sweet additions include our Dark Chocolate Americano
coffee beans and Cocoa Caramel ViPnuts with more on the way!



“If only every nut could be a ViPnut...”