Big Box of 12 – King Cashews Pepper & Sea Salt 120g (total weight 1.44kg)
5th May 2015
Big Box of 12 – King Cashews Toasted Cheese 60g
5th May 2015

Big Box of 12 – packs – King Cashews Hot Chilli 120g (total weight 1.44kg)


Due to the continued success of New York Delhi’s ViPnuts it was just a matter of time when we started to apply our wonderfully unique natural seasonings to premium grade oven baked cashews – offered in our trade mark silver quad foil bag under yet another clever brand. King Cashews (…..because Cashew is king)  delicious Hot Chilli – not too over powering working beautifully with the natural flavour of the cashew – leaving  a wonderful warm, tingly taste in the mouth.   Oven baked for a delicious and healthier snacking experience. Another truly innovative offering from the team at New York Delhi

Natural, Highly nut-tritious and delicious!

Gluten Free.  Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

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