“The Peanut is back!”™

Introducing ViPnuts, the gourmet peanut brand from
The New York Delhi Company.
For too long the peanut has been trapped in the 1970’s by a few
big brands, held prisoner with just one or two flavours and
denied it’s full potential.
Now ViPnuts has freed the peanut and the peanut is back

Inspired by our Magic Spices™ we’ve created a delicious new
range of premium flavoured peanuts.
Find out why more and more people are choosing to upgrade their
snacks to ViPnuts

ViPnuts, the Gourmet peanut brand from the
flavoured peanut people.

“Upgrade your snacks”™

New York Delhi is all about flavour, innovation and quality.
We began life as a premium spice company with our Magic Spice™ range
and now our ViPnuts™ are lovingly created with this proud heritage.


ViPnuts™ are our unique take on one of the planet’s favourite
snacks and are just one of our growing range of snacks and brands
and can found and enjoyed in over 22 countries Worldwide!